REIKU at a glance …REIKU is a German based company that specializes exclusively in High Tech Cable Protection Products. For over 40 years REIKU has been recognized as an International leader for innovative product development focusing on providing Customer Oriented System Solutions.

REIKU–cable protection systems are implemented in various sectors such as aviation, mass transportation vehicle-construction, ship-building, machinery, electrical-installations and especially in the Robotics and Automation Industries.

Drossbach is proud to be the Exclusive manufacturing partner of REIKU in North America.

Drossbach … Protective products. Responsive service.

Cable Management Solutions for Wires,Cables and Hoses

Drossbach North America is a company dedicated to serving our customers. Our quality and service are second to none and represent the very strength of our company.

Drossbach, established in 1919, We were one of the original pioneers of the corrugated tubing industry. Today we are one of the world’s largest designers and manufacturers of corrugated tubing, corrugating equipment and tooling.

Our customers rely on us for more than our quality products. Our ability to customize components and respond to short-term demand sets us apart from other manufacturers. When you choose Drossbach, you gain access to a responsive, customer-focused Team.